GARDP and BSAC Sign MOU to Collaborate on Antibiotic Resistance Education, Policy and Advocacy

20th January 2021

The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) and the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) and are excited to announce they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a framework for collaborating on education, policy and advocacy activities. The MOU provides a launchpad for the parties to further their activities to address antibiotic resistance and collaborate on training, high-level events, policy and public outreach campaigns.

BSAC welcomes new UK research institute dedicated to tackling antibiotic resistance

19th January 2021

The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) is delighted to learn that Oxford University is to open a new research institute dedicated to tackling resistance to antimicrobial treatments – an indication that the existential threat posed by drug-resistant infections is starting to attract the much-needed support of high-level investors

International Collaborative for Drug Stability Testing: BSAC launches a new forum as part of its OPAT initiative

18th January 2021

BSAC has launched an international forum on drug stability testing for medicines used to treat infectious diseases.

Science isn’t finished until it’s communicated: Why it’s more important than ever to get the word out

14th January 2021

“Science isn't finished until it's communicated. The communication to wider audiences is part of the job of being a scientist, and so how you communicate is absolutely vital.” So said UK Chief Scientist Sir Mark Walport back in 2013, and his words ring true more than ever today. In this post, Martin Ince explains how you can enter the Association of British Science Writers’ Awards for a chance of money, glory and even some media training...

BSAC launches ‘Vanguard Report’ to mark 50 years of fighting infection

11th January 2021

To mark the anniversary of the Society’s first 50 years, we are inviting world-leading experts to speculate on what developments are likely to transform their field of work in the decades ahead.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Antibiotics Report: ‘Antibiotic residues in sewage and agricultural run-off: can we determine safe thresholds to combat deadly superbugs?’

11th January 2021

On 24th November 2020, BSAC hosted a meeting of the APPG on Antibiotics to discuss antibiotic residues in sewage and agricultural run-off, which included talks from Julian Sturdy MP, Dr Nicolas Brown, Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle, and Dr Aimee Murray, Prof William Gaze, and Dr Isobel Stanton from the University of Exeter.

BSAC celebrates 50 years of saving lives by fighting infection

7th January 2021

This year, we’re delighted to announce that the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy is turning 50. Founded in 1971, the Society has spent its first half century joining the dots between scientific researchers, healthcare practitioners, medical communities and latterly politicians and policy makers, to facilitate and enable the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise across the globe on antimicrobial development and appropriate use.

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