World war on superbugs can only be won by a UN-led global effort

Antibiotic resistance is now such a big threat that only a global campaign akin to that on HIV can tackle it” – this is the key message in an article published in the New Scientist by Dilip Nathwani and Ramanan Laxminarayan.   Following the success of the Forum on Access to Sustainable Antibiotics and the United Nations General Assembly Declaration on AMR the article examines the potential impact the United Nations resolution offers in pushing forward the global fight against antibiotic resistant infections and in containing or reducing antibiotic resistance.  The authors comment on how this is only the fourth time in its 70-year history that the UN has confronted a major health threat – securing the support from all 193 member states for a coordinated fight against antibiotic-resistant infections, placing AMR alongside HIV and Ebola in terms of urgency in requiring action.

The article, which is published open access, can be viewed here.