UK SMI update: Reissed and Withdrawn documents

Please note that the following SMIs have been REISSUED

  • SMI B 9: Investigation of throat related specimens
  • SMI B 25: Investigation of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis fluid
  • SMI B 27: Investigation of cerebrospinal fluid
  • SMI ID 9: Identification of Bacillus species
  • SMI ID 11: Identification of Moraxella species and morphologically similar organisms
  • SMI ID 12: Identification of Haemophilus species and the HACEK group of organisms
  • SMI ID 13: Identification of Pasteurella species and morphologically similar bacteria
  • SMI ID 14: Identification of anaerobic cocci
  • SMI ID 16: Identification of Enterobacteriaceae
  • SMI ID 17: Identification of Pseudomonas species and other non glucose fermenters
  • SMI ID 18: Identification of Legionella species
  • SMI ID 19: Identification of Vibrio and Aeromonas species
  • SMI ID 20: Identification of Shigella species
  • SMI V 30: Investigation of pregnant women exposed to non-vesicular rash

And the following SMIs were WITHDRAWN

  • P4: Guidance on the development and validation of diagnostic tests that depend on nucleic acid amplification and detection
  • SMI TP 22: Nagler test WITHDRAWN