Trinity of infection management coalition statement on sepsis

Leading health organisations have joined together to promote a new, holistic approach to reducing the incidence and impact of life-threatening infection.

The UK Sepsis Trust, British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC), Antibiotic Action a UK led global initiative of BSAC, Royal College of Nursing, Infection Prevention Society, British Infection Association and British Association of Critical Care Nursing has produced a The trinity of infection management coalition statement which aims to raise awareness of the scale and severity of sepsis. It sets out three key ambitions: to improve the recognition of and response to severe sepsis, to prevent infection, and to preserve effective antibiotics to treat patients.

Dr Ron Daniels, Chief Executive of the UK Sepsis Trust and lead spokesperson for the coalition statement, said: ‘The creation of this coalition will benefit patients now and into the future. Until now, the important public messages about sepsis by our member organizations have been disconnected.

“For the first time, leaders in all aspects of infection management have come together to state that the three key domains – urgent treatment of sepsis, prevention of infection, and preservation of antibiotics – are of equal and critical importance. This paves the way for reduced infection incidence, better outcomes, and ensuring that we have effective antibiotics into the future.”

BSAC President Nick Brown said “Working collaboratively through the coalition will provide much needed opportunities to improve the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis.  BSAC is committed to supporting interventions such as this that improves care and outcomes for patients.”  BSAC Chair in Public Engagement and Director or Antibiotic Action, Laura Piddock said “Until new treatments for bacterial infections are available, appropriate and informed prescribing of antibiotics for sepsis patients is essential”.