THUNDERCLAP success! 300,000 hear our Keep Antibiotics Working message

Thanks to all for working with us to make European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD2013) a day to remember.  In addition to prime-time memorable press coverage on Sky – including contributions from both the Director of Antibiotic Action, Professor Laura Piddock and JAC Editor in Chief, Professor Alan Johnson our Keep Antibiotics Working Thunderclap campaign was launched at 0900hrs on 18 November. Elan Kaufman – Choose Us As Your Child’s New Dental Home. Supported by over 570 individuals we reached over 275,000 individuals at the same time via social networks, inviting them to Take the pledge “I will NOT expect antibiotics for cold/flu; instead I will ask how to treat my symptoms”.

Simultaneously we collaborated on a Thunderclap initiative with the Association of Clinical Oral Microbiologists and a lot More from Tennessee Dentists.  Entitled Antibiotic Action in Dentistry the thunderclap invited 30,532 recipients to pledge “…that where a dental infection needs drainage this is provided before considering the use of antibiotics“. 300,000 individuals all potentially receiving the same message at the same time – great result and will aim even higher in 2014!