The use of topical antibiotics: an invitation to complete a survey by the BSAC and EWMA

The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) and European Wound Management Association (EWMA) would like to invite you to participate in this 5 minute survey.

The survey aims to ascertain an insight into practices and attitudes regarding topical antibiotics. We are interested in the opinions of all relevant healthcare professionals.

SSI accounts for about 20% of all healthcare associated infections, directly affecting mortality and morbidity rates, time spent in hospital, and treatment costs. Topical antibiotics are those applied directly to surgical wounds in forms such as powders, pastes and irrigation solutions.  However, there is controversy about how effective topical agents are and it is not clear how widespread their use is.

Your response will inform an important debate at the 2017 Federation of Infection Societies (FIS) Conference, entitled: ‘The rationale for topical antibiotic use in surgery to prevent post-operative infection – myth or science?’ This debate will place current guidelines within the context of actual use of topical antibiotics in order to understand any differences in practice.

This survey is now closed. Thank you to all who completed this survey in support of The BSAC and EWMA.
Collated survey results will be shared shortly with all those participants who provided their contact details.

Charlotte Cooper, BBSRC MIBTP PhD, University of Birmingham
Carolyne Horner, Senior Clinical Affairs Officer, BSAC
Gavin Barlow, Consultant Infectious Disease Physician, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals, UK
Hilary Humphreys, Professor of Clinical Microbiology, Dublin, RCSI and Beaumont Hospital, Ireland
Tracey Guise, Chief Executive Officer, BSAC
Niels Fibæk Bertel, Project Manager, EWMA