Strategy 2019-2021


A leading influencer of responsible antimicrobial use globally

BSAC is:
• A globally visible and proactive society driven by strategic priorities that are focussed on responsible antimicrobial use
• Viewed internationally as a trusted partner and enabler working with healthcare professionals, governments, allied industries and civil society
• works to support everyone involved in antimicrobial use through the provision of open access education and research
• Outcome and focussed on impact
• Lean, efficient, well run and under sound governance


Through the development, funding and delivery of relevant, timely initiatives that inform and enhance knowledge about the practices that drive responsible antimicrobial use

Priority activities 2019-2021:

• Provision of open access education courses that are relevant and multilingual to meet the needs of HCPs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) and in areas of greatest need
• Provision of peer reviewed research publications and education on antimicrobial development and use
• Supporting the development of services to improve antimicrobial usage and patient outcomes
• Hosting and organising local and global educational events, conferences and workshops to meet the existing and emerging needs of HCPs
• Provision of grants for travel, studentships, research, meeting support, and mentorship programmes
• Provision of support, advice and training for susceptibility testing of antimicrobial agents
• Research on, and publication of, drug stability data to inform and support parenteral antimicrobial chemotherapy services
• Advocate appropriate antimicrobial use through engagement with governments and regulatory bodies world-wide
• Measuring and reporting of the impact of Society activities


Council as a collective, Trustees as individuals, members and others as appointed by Council, the CEO and Secretariat.

Council will identify and agree the strategic priorities and establish ‘Task and Complete’ groups and delegate authority to the secretariat to carry forward activities and initiatives.