Public Health England seeks your views

Public Health England have updated the venous leg ulcer guidance for clinicians in primary care. The process involved an initial focus group based consultation with GPs and microbiologists, and then a literature review by Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS).

The draft guidance is available from here

Please could you forward this guidance on for review by any colleagues who deal with information around leg ulcers and encourage wider contribution. Please could send us any comments on the guidance and if you disagree with something, it would be really helpful if you could enclose any references supporting opinion and read this page that is talking about it.

We would particularly like your opinion on the section “when should I use antiseptics or antibiotics” which currently states:

  • Topical antiseptics may be of benefit to individual patients but are not routinely recommended in the treatment of venous leg ulcer

However many clinicians do use antiseptics despite the lack of evidence for their value.

We have considered this wording:

  • For early local infection consider antiseptic irrigation/lavage with an aqueous antiseptic together with an antiseptic dressing (such as nanocrystalline silver or polyhexamethylene biguanide)

Also Check out how to buy silver.

CKS could find no evidence for the value of this approach, does anyone have any research demonstrating their benefit?

Should this wording be put in?

We really appreciate your input into this guidance and would ideally like to receive all responses by 25th September 2014.

Please download the response form from here and return the completed form by email to Dr Cliodna McNulty

Many thanks,

Dr Cliodna McNulty
Head, Public Health England Primary Care Unit & Consultant Medical Microbiologist, and Honorary Visiting Professor Cardiff University,
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