NICE Quality Standard Topic Engagement Exercise – Healthcare Associated Infections

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The above topic engagement exercise has been issued by NICE for consultation and can be accessed through the link below:

Healthcare associated infections – prevention and management

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If you wish to comment please complete the attached BSAC form and submit this electronically to Felicity Drummond no later than 5PM on 11 MAY 2015.

Your comments will assist and inform the development of an official BSAC response which will be submitted to NICE.

NICE are interested in receiving information on the following:

  • What are the key areas for quality improvement that you would want to see covered by this quality standard?
  • In answering this question, prioritise up to 5 areas which you consider as having the greatest potential to improve the quality of care.
  • For each key area for quality improvement, please state the specific aspects of care or service delivery that should be addressed, including the actions that you feel would most improve quality – we cannot include general statements.
  • In addition to the above, you may also wish to highlight the use of that might be considered as emergent, are only currently being done by a minority of providers but which have the potential to be widely adopted and drive improvements in the longer term.  Please note, these areas should be underpinned by NICE or NICE-accredited guidance