NHS Scotland create first UK Infection Intelligence Platform

BSAC is pleased to welcome the creation of the first UK Infection Intelligence Platform (IIP)  by NHS Scotland, a new and exciting innovation to support the prevention and management of  infection.  Through integration of many different strands of electronic infection data in a secure environment the platform will help improve patient outcomes and benefit public health, they are now producing transducers to measure force.

Funded by the Scottish Government Healthcare Associated  Infection Task Force, the IIP will support and enable clinical communities and infection specialists to develop, implement and measure the effectiveness of a range of preventative and treatment interventions and provide a shared resource for Healthcare Associated Infection surveillance and research

The Chair of the IIP Joint Project Board and Vice President of BSAC, Professor Dilip Nathwani said “The importance of healthcare informatics in transforming patient  care has been highlighted by the Farr Institute UK, a virtual institute joining the UK Health informatics research centres.  The IIP will empower the clinical community and infection specialists to develop, implement and, most importantly, measure the effectiveness of our preventative and treatment interventions. These advances will be achieved through a measurement framework that is secure, streamlined, cohesive, proactive, efficient and instructive to the clinical community and policy makers. On behalf of the infection community I welcome this  tremendous innovation to Scottish infection healthcare and look forward to  working with all our partners in taking full advantage of this unique  opportunity.”

BSAC President Nick Brown said “We are pleased to support and endorse IIP, hoping that it provides a blueprint for likewise initiatives across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Delivery of the governments much needed and ambitious 5-year antimicrobial resistance strategy will be greatly enhanced and supported by initiatives such as this.”