Spring Conference 2018 – Defeating AMR: The trinity of prevention, preservation & promotion

We invite you to the Spring Conference 2018, Defeating AMR: The trinity of prevention, preservation & promotion.
Held in collaboration with the Healthcare Infection Society.

Multi-drug resistant gram negative bacterial infections have become prevalent across the globe. Their proliferation is fuelled and encouraged by increased use of broad spectrum agents, and identification of successful treatment regimens have been challenged in recent years by the lack of new antibiotics available to treat them. Outbreaks of MDR infections adversely impact of patients quality of life, increase length of hospital stay and place considerable financial burdens on healthcare systems and services.

This conference will, through state of the art lectures, free papers and presentation of the latest evidence, offer delegates the opportunity to learn about the global and UK burden of MDR infections, examine current and new treatments, examine how existing and new diagnostics can support their detection and how prevention and stewardship can reduce prevalence and improve outcomes.

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