Microbiome Movement – Bacteriophage Therapy Summit

Date: March 25-27, 2019
Venue: Revere Boston Common, Boston, MA
The 1st Bacteriophage Therapy Summit is the only meeting uniting large pharma, biotech companies, research institutions and technology experts to harness bacteriophage science and accelerate the clinical development of effective phage therapy.
As phage therapy re-emerges, it is poised to become a mainstream option in a post-antibiotic era. However, challenges remain in navigating an untested regulatory pathway, demonstrating pharmacology of clinically useful phage candidates and delivering these products into the hands of physicians and patients in need.
Join the leaders in phage therapy product development as they discuss the latest data-driven case studies and forge collaborations you need to unlock the full potential of bacteriophage therapeutics.
Audience: Join 80+ bacteriophage experts as they discuss the latest developments in bacteriophage research. Over 50% drug developers, 15% academic and research institutions, 30% service providers and technology experts. 60% C-Level, Director & Manager attendees.
Website: https://ter.li/wff8m1
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Registration: https://ter.li/nx80xu
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