ICID Congress Workshops – Antibiotic Stewardship in the Resource Limited Setting 2-5 March 2016

Course Objectives:

This course provided trainers with the knowledge and skills to effectively deliver educational sessions for healthcare professionals involved in the development, delivery and measurement of antimicrobial stewardship within hospitals – “the training the trainer model” . The emphasis was on how this can be delivered in a resource limited setting

Learning outcomes:
The main learning outcomes were:

  1. The need for stewardship, structures for implementing stewardship in resource limited settings.
  2. Measuring [and interpreting through scientific methods] and auditing the quantity and quality of antibiotic use and infection care; methods for measuring and analyzing the cause and effect of interventions.
  3. Methods: the types of interventions [toolkit] & evidence base to support the stewardship “toolkit”.
  4. Implementing stewardship and optimising antibiotic use by improving the effectiveness of interventions through a range of implementation strategies that employ techniques such as guidelines, audit and feedback, social and behavioural science, improvement science, and change management et
  5. The role of education in supporting these interventions.


13:00-14:30 Plenary 1: What is stewardship?  What works and in what setting?
Chair: Alison Holmes, UK

  1. What is stewardship, current global stewardship activity and is it effective?  Dilip Nathwani, UK
  2. Evidence of stewardship effectiveness and challenges in resource limited setting  Marc Mendelson, South Africa
  3. Stewardship “tool kits” in hospital and community setting  – a global perspective Rana Hajjeh, USA
  4. Educational opportunities in stewardship – including role of e-learning Dilip Nathwani, UK

14:15-14:30 Panel discussion

14:30-14:50 Refreshments

14:50-15:50  Plenary 2: Implementing stewardship

Chair: Tim Walsh, UK

  1. Basic improvement methods in stewardship: Alison Holmes, UK
  2. The role of behavior and culture change in effecting change: Esmita Charani, UK
  3. The stewardship team –the role of nurses in stewardship: Enrique Castro Sanchez, UK

15:50-16:10 Panel discussion

16:15-17:15  PM WORKSHOP 1  OR WORKSHOP 2


Doing stewardship :

  1. Surgical prophylaxis: Sanjeev Singh, India
  2. ICU: Chand Wattal, India

Illustrative studies of Stewardship in different healthcare settings : key lessons

  1. India: Stewardship in the community setting: Sijith Chandy, India
  2. South Africa:  Marc Mendelson, South Africa