Longitude Prize 2014 – please vote antibiotics!

Horizon has launched the £10 million Longitude Prize 2014 – a prize developed by Nesta, with Technology Strategy Board as funding partner, to find solutions to a new scientific challenge.

Horizon explores six potential challenges nominated by a new Longitude Committee, and launches a vote to determine which should be put forward as the new Longitude prize. The question is ‘if you had £10 million to make one change to the world, what would you do?’

The Longitude Prize 2014 was officially launched yesterday morning. Full details will be in the BBC Horizon episode on BBC2 at 9PM this Thursday. At the end of the show the vote will open to decide which challenge gets the £10 million prize fund!

BSAC Chair in Public Engagement and Director of Antibiotic Action, Professor Laura JV Piddock  was interviewed for one segment of the show.

All the information you need about the show can be found here.  The website links you to the iWonder guides for each topic with a short video from each presenter introducing the challenge.