Invitation to participate in an important consultation process……..

Guidelines for the diagnosis, prevention and management of Implantable Cardiac Electronic Device (ICED) infections

We would like to give you an opportunity to participate and comment on the development of the above draft guidelines which are currently out for National consultation.

Your comments will assist and inform the further development of these guidelines and we encourage you to take part in this important initiative.

If you are a representative of another organisation, it would be helpful if you could arrange for your organisation to take part in the consultation by forwarding this invitation to your individual members.

The draft guidelines are available from the link below.  If you wish to comment, you need to do so using the comments proforma below and forward the completed form to no later than Friday 14 February 2014.

Thank you for your participation!

Matthew Dryden, General Secretary, BSAC

ICED infection – For consultation

ICED infection – Consultation Proforma