Hand Hygiene Day 2017 is here!

BSAC is calling on all members and stakeholders to support World Health Organisation Hand Hygiene Day by fighting antimicrobial resistance through the trinity of:

  • Better infection prevention and hygiene
  • Better antimicrobial stewardship
  • Better surveillance

The WHO 2017 campaign SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands  – Fight antibiotic resistance – includes the following calls for action which BSAC support and promotes:

  • Health workers: “Clean your hands at the right times and stop the spread of antibiotic resistance.”
  • Hospital Chief Executive Officers and Administrators: “Lead a year-round infection prevention and control programme to protect your patients from resistant infections.”
  • Policy makers: “Stop antibiotic resistance spread by making infection prevention and hand hygiene a national policy priority.”
  • IPC leaders: “Implement WHO’s Core Components for infection prevention, including hand hygiene, to combat antibiotic resistance

In addition BSAC calls on its members to share information on the importance of hand washing and hand hygiene with all professional contacts, family and friends – using whatever communication is at hand – conversation, email and social media.  Let’s share the messages today and going forward!