Gilead UK and Ireland Fellowship Programme 2017 in Invasive Fungal Disease

The Gilead UK and Ireland Fellowship Programme 2017 is now open for grant applications in the therapy area of IFD. The aim of the programme is to support local innovation and best practice in patient care.

The programme invites applications from healthcare or allied professionals with projects to assess and improve awareness of the level of breakthrough, recurrent or resistant fungal infections occurring in either an in- or outpatient setting on either a local, regional or national level.

This can include assessments of one or more of the following populations:
• Haematology
• Critical Care
• Surgery
• Solid Organ Transplant
• Paediatrics
• Respiratory

Projects which fall outside of this scope but which will add clinical value or which investigate an area of unmet need within mycology can also be submitted and will be reviewed for their merit.

The Gilead UK and Ireland Fellowship Programme started in 2009, and since its inception has supported over 150 projects in the areas of HIV, Viral Hepatitis, Respiratory, Invasive Fungal Disease and Oncology.

To view the detailed criteria and to apply please visit
The closing date for applications is the 27th April.