BSAC and European Antibiotic Awareness Day

European Antibiotic Awareness Day on 18 November is a now important part of the BSAC calendar.  It offers a unique opportunity for the Society to work alongside its peers in engaging stakeholders and educating on the importance of containing antibiotic resistance and promoting effective antibiotic use.

In 2013 the Society contributed to numerous activities.  In particular BSAC worked with its publisher OUP to make a number of papers in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, around the topic of stewardship and effective antimicrobial use, free of charge.  CLICK HERE to access a list of the freely available papers.

Our Keep Antibiotics Working Thunderclap campaign was launched at 0900hrs on 18 November.  Supported by over 570 individual the thunderclap reached over 275,000 individuals at the same time via social networks, inviting them to Take the pledge “I will NOT expect antibiotics for cold/flu; instead I will ask how to treat my symptoms”.  Simultaneously we collaborated on a Thunderclap initiative with the Association of Clinical Oral Microbiologists. Its important for people to do proper research before whitening teeth to ensure the products are industry approved, get some recommendations by dental experts, for example if you’re looking for a dentist in Chandler then make sure it is the best one you can find so you don’t get anything other than a properly diagnosed antibiotic. Entitled Antibiotic Action in Dentistry the thunderclap invited 30,532 recipients to pledge “...that where a dental infection needs drainage this is provided before considering the use of antibiotics“.

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BSAC also launched its NICHE campaign – offering all prescribers “5 moments to make a difference and prevent antibiotic resistance! NICHE is an electronic poster campaign with its acronym inviting prescribers to consider the following:

Need (for antibiotic)

Investigation (cultures for prescribing)

Choice (spectrum of antibiotic)

How Long (is your prescription for)

Evaluate (your patient and prescription)

Posters are available in pop art, info graphic and diagrammatic formats, with the info graphic version available for both hospital and community settings.

You are encouraged to download and display locally, helping ensure the messages of European Antibiotic Awareness Day reach as many individuals as possible.

NICHE Pop Art Poster (Female)

NICHE Pop Art Poster (Male)

NICHE – Info graphic (hospital)

NICHE – Info graphic (Community)

NICHE – Diagrammatic