Antibiotic stewardship around the globe – in top two lectures at ECCMID 2017

BSAC is delighted to announce that the lecture given by Dilip Nathwani OBE, President of BSAC was one of the highlight’s of the 2017 ECCMID Conference in Vienna.  The keynote lecture Antibiotic stewardship around the globe was one of the two top lectures with an attendance of 1,800 participants. Professor Mario Poljak, President of ESCMID reported on the excellent feedback receved from attendees who were very impressed by Professor Nathwani’s outstanding presentation on the topic, which offered very useful information for attendees.

Those unable to attend in person can benefit from the following resources from the ESCMID online library:

Antibiotic stewardship around the globe

Interview by Professor Dilip Nathwani OBE for ECCMID TV

BSAC is delighted that the spotlight was firmly on antibiotic stewardship, and congratulates the President on delivery of his outstanding lecture.  BSAC also thanks ECCMID for their timely publication of the lecture, which will hopefully stem the tide of requests for copies of Professor Nathwani’s presentation!